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Whistler at 50: Summer is now prime time for visitors

As well, visitors now come from all over the world, while 40 years ago they were primarily from the Lower Mainland or nearby regions of British Columbia and Washington state.

WHISTLER -- At one point not so long ago, say 1984, a prime Whistler building lot within walking distance of a chairlift could be had for, well, a song: about $40,000.

Today? Try a cool million. At least.

Then, of course, there’s the construction of the chalet — far different than the original A-frames that housed so many ski bums in the early days — with all the bells and whistles, pushing the price well into the $2 million-plus range.

The business of Whistler has changed dramatically over the decades, with the trend toward high-end real estate just one of the more obvious results.

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